Markup Language - What is Markup Languages? Difference between Programming Language and Markup Language.

First of all i wanted to clear one thing, if you are thinking that all languages which are end with “ML” are programming language then you are wrong. Those are “Markup Language”. There are some difference between programming languages and Markup languages. So what they are?

Let’s discuss about difference between Programming Language and Markup Language.

Markup Language
Programming Language
Markup languages prepare a structure for the data or prepare the look or design of a page. These are presentational languages and it doesn’t include any kind of logic or algorithm.

Programming languages are high-level languages that need to be converted into machine level language because a computer can only understand machine level language or binary language (0 and 1).          

Interpreted by browser

Complied by a compiler or interpreted by a interpreter.


Markup Language

In computer programming any web development tasks are perform by Markup languages. Yes you will get to know programming language as well when you are working in back-end or database connection or your website functionality programs. But for designing a webPage or a WebApp you need to know markup language.

A Markup Language is uses open and close tags (Starts with “<>”, ends with </>) to define elements within a document. We have to define our content inside the tags. When you run a ML programs you will get only contents which are present inside the tags. The tags and their property attributes are hidden they only defines how’s your content looks(e.g: color, font, alignment etc.)

We are not going to deep history now. :) Today several Markup languages exist, the two most popular are HTML and XML which are used for webDevelopment and data processing.