How to add multiple contacts from Excel to your Phone?


Step by Step guide to add Multiple Contacts from Excel to your mobile Phone Contacts.

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Dear Friends,

many small business facing issue about how to add multiple customers contact’s from their excel to their mobiles, when they wants to promote their ideas of any item or any other’s. Today i am going to tell you that how you can add multiple contacts to your phone with simple trick. So lets get started.

Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

Open your excel sheet where you saved all the numbers. Check the sheet and be sure there were no blank row or column or any text under number list.

Here is my dummy list which have 1950 contacts.


Step 2:

open google contacts by


Step 3:

if you are using it first time go to Create Contact.


Step 4:

you will get window like this:


Step 5:

Now add a dummy contact name and number and save it.


Step 6:

now go to the export contacts and select Google CSV and export the file to your local.


Step 7:

Open contacts.csv file, downloaded from google contacts.


Step 8:

Now copy the column of name from your excel sheet and paste it to Name, and copy paste the number under “mobile number” column of contacts.csv file, and save contact.csv file.

Step 9:

Now go to google contacts and select import from right side menu bar.


Step 10:

Import the updated contact.csv sheet to google contacts.


Step 11:

Now go to export from google contacts and export your contact file in vCard format.


Step 12:

Send this vCard file to your phone via USB or mail.

Step 13:

Go to contact from your phone > from contact menu select import contacts.

Step 14:

Once you select import contact, give the location of vCard file to your phone.

(Some phones automatically select the vCard files.)

Step 15:

There is no step, check your contact’s that can be updated with all new numbers.

That’s all.

Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you