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Introduction to Scripting Languages

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Hello Guys,

Here I am back with a new Topic “Scripting Language”. Guys we heard many time that learn Scripting Language, Run Scripting Language, Create a script and so on. So what is exactly a scripting language is? What are scripting languages present in real world? What kind of tasks we can perform by Scripting languages? Why “Scripting Languages” is differing from “Programing Languages”? What are the Job criteria for a Script learner?

We all are discuses about those topics in today’s article with some real world examples which help you in understanding.

So let’s start.

Scripting Language:

“A Language that automate Computer World.”

When I use the word “Computer World” that means it’s all about Internet, Websites, Computer Programs or System programs etc. the scripting language is mostly use to automate thing in Computer world. You can automate your website, your system process, your working process, your day to day activity and so on. It depends which technology can be used for which purpose. Mostly for today world example we have many libraries presents in all kind of scripting language so you can perform those work with any of them with the help of their libraries.


Scripting languages are steps of commands or instructions that we give to computer to perform the action.

  • No need of any compiler to perform or run our script.
  • Can be written on simple text editors like: notepad, notepad++, sublime-text etc.
  • You can set them to execute automatically by time basis, that’s what we all are doing to automate stuffs.
  • All scripting languages are programming language but not all programming languages are scripting languages.
  • You can automate any of your regular work with the help of Scripts.

One Line definition:

The steps of process to execute to perform any task for make them easy.

Why it’s Important:

  • It used to perform day to day working task easy.
  • Many telecom companies using scripting languages to generate CDR, bill, call records etc.
  • It can be used to automate your document works and daily work also.
  • You can schedule your task with scripting languages like: weekly data backup, deleting old files, run system de-fragmentation etc.
  • It’s easy to learn and use.

Technology use for Scripting:

There are several applications that use to create Scripts, some of them mentioned below:

  • Shell Scripts (Used for Linux or UNIX)
  • Bash Scripts (Used for Dos or Power-Shell)
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby

Why it’s differ from Programming Languages:

  • Scripting Language is mostly use to automate day to day tasks, while the programming language is use to make a particular set of task to perform in the form of software.
  • Scripting language is use interpreter but the programming languages use compiler.
  • Scripts are generally use to combined the exists components like: if you want to copy paste a file those are already exist you need to just write a script with the step of copy and paste process steps but in programming you need to write the set of code  to make a Software from scratch.
  • Scripts are design to make coding fast and simple but programming languages are design to give full usage of a language.
  • Scripts execute line by line but programming languages are one shot conversion.
  • Scripts do not create an “.exe” but programs can create “.exe”. (“.exe” executable file exertion).
  • Scripts are like a piece of code but a programming is making a full code of program.

Best Scripting Language in 2020:

There are many scripting languages are present in real world as per today’s market the top 5 are:

Shell/Bash Scripting:

Let’s start with the basics, yes I added Shell & Bash to top 5 and in number 1 because it’s a basic need for today's development world. If you wants to work in a IT company, Shell or Bash are must use languages there. May be you will work on a cloud or in a windows machine, but when we talk about servers most of IT companies depends on Linux server. So it’s a basic need to learn there commands and how to write a script which is pretty simple.


In today’s real world everywhere when we talk about programming or scripting language, Python is the must Keyword you have herd. Python is a huge programming language which is use in many cases. You can use it for web development or to make a software package or  to write a script. This high level language is pretty much simple to learn and work.


We all much filmier with the word JavaScript. JavaScript can be use both front-end or server side. This is the most popular and in use language for web-development.  


Ruby is another Scripting language that is commonly used for web development. Basically its use as the basis for the popular Ruby on Rails web application framework.

Type Scripts:

Type Script is we popular between game developers. If you are in gaming development, you are much filmier about this script. This script also can be used for Front-End Web development.

What you can become after lean the Scripting Languages:

  • Automaton Engineer
  • Developer
  • Test Engineer
  • Master in Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security expert

Advantages of Scripting Languages:

  • It’s used by most of the network admins and network operation engineers to schedule there regular task that can be automate.
  • Scripting languages are easy to learn for beginners it’s a good way to learn how to code.
  • You can start working with scripts with any of text editor in you PC.
  • There are different libraries presents for scripting languages which are free and easy to deploy and use.

Disadvantages of Scripting Languages:

  • Not able to work across different browsers.
  • Can be slower to run because they are interpreted not complied.
  • Can be harder to debug since no development environment present by default.
  • No security of code because it’s a text editor base language, so any one can open your script and modify it.

So that’s all about short introduction of Scripting languages. Which are pretty simple and can be used in many areas of work.

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