Tips to Create a HomePage for your website.


Tips To Create Beautiful Home-Page

Hello Friends,

Today i am going to tell you some key points to make your website homepage attractive and eye catcher. These points are come up with my personal experience.

Every one wants to make his website beautiful and eye catcher for the users. If your website is beautiful then only users come back to your site as well as they recommend others too.

But the beauty is not only the solution. You have to make or website beautiful and user friendly too.

So lets see what we can do make our website nicer.


Everything starts with a plan. Before going to deep to any design first of all make a plan about:

  • What you wants to show ?
  • What are you going to dealing with?
  • How your site will be looks like?


Once you done with your plan just take a paper and pen and draw the layout of your website that hows your website looks like? How it will be navigate?

Fonts and Colors:

Its very important to chose right font and color combination for your site. It should be light weighted, eye friendly and smooth. If you think font and color don’t make any sense for design just think twice.

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Images are very useful and easy mode to tell deep meaning in short. Chose image which looks and fit batter to your layout. Below some key points given for a better image selection:

  • Use original.
  • There will be no other watermark rater then your site name.
  • Chose right image for right place.
  • Don’t make much more stretch to image.
  • Use light weight images.


You can use image slider’s to your site if you want. Image sliders gives your site a professional look as well, but you can’t use slider anywhere or for every design. If its require go for it.

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Animation will give your site a new heights. But don’t use them much more else your site will be slow.


Use inner linking where you can post them. Inner linking will be helpful for users to stay connect with-in your site.

Image overlay:

Many users use image overlay effect for there site. But be sure your text will be pure visible as well as your image too when you are going to use this method for your website. So user can understand whats the background image is and read the text over it.

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This is the one of the most widely use effect in webdesign. You should use this effect while design your site. Where you can use them mostly are: buttons, navigation links, any hyperlinks form’s etc.


Choose icons for any small links or navigation. You can chose them widely in your site. Icons are tiny and meaningful object to represent the menu’s of your site.

Hope the above points will help you to create beautiful and meaning full website for you. if you have any valuable comments then feel free to drop below.

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