About Us

Welcome to MTH Schools

MTH-Schools are newly launch educational site to internet for providing high quality computer and programming knowledge to students as well as professionals. All contents and codes, present in this site are all practically tested and completely executable. This site is design to aim for computer section students first. It’s a branch site for his parent Mini Tools Hub Company.

Currently this site is developing by Mr. Ajay Singh. Mr. Singh is Master Degree holder in Computer Applications. He wants to launch his own company in technical field, so he started with this site and step up towards his aim and mission. He is good in designing and love to code. He has 5+ year of experience in IT field as well as he worked with small companies and business too, to understand the actual requirement and their needs.
Our mission is to make this site successfully reached to all countries and make very useful for students as well as professionals. As well as mini tools hub also wants to reach with all kind of business and meet their requirements with technology. The journey is too long and we all need support every time. So if you have any suggestions towards our dream feel free to contact us at minitoolshub@gmail.com.

Right now we are working on publishing article relates to HTML and CSS. HTML is almost completed and CSS is in progress where we already published 3 to 4 articles. Apart from that below is the list of topics which we are going to cover very soon so stay in touch with us.
  • Java Script
  • Linux Technology
  • Mobile Development
  • Python
  • R
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithm
A part from that we are planning to start reviewing newly launched technical products too.